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SimeData CableRent, is the latest offer by SimeData Network Sdn Bhd (hereinafter called “SimeData”). SimeData CableRent programme enables the customer to install structured cabling system on a per point rental basis. The objective of this plan is to assist company to reduce the impact of cash available to the company. The plan also has many other benefits and advantages. In short, it will provide a win-win situation for company that decides to take up this special offer.

You might want to ask, “Isn’t this the same as leasing?” Well, the answer is "No" because we don’t charge you interest. That’s right! It is 0% (Zero Percent) interest during the term of this agreement. You can pay immediately or pay monthly. No matter how you pay, you will end up paying the same amount and thus removes the impact of inflation. Why we do this? Because we want your business and become your partner, not your interest payment!

With CableRent, it allows you to conserve working capitol and channel it for other business plans. It helps your company improves financial ratios, simplifies budgeting since budget projections can be done easily and accurately as payments are known and fixed for the term of the contract and removes the impact of inflation since the figures stated on the contract are fixed for the term of the contract. CableRent also provides your company with many other advantages like technology upgrade and back by a strong force of support team. To find out more regarding this exciting offer, please contact us at:
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