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SIMEDATA NETWORK SDN BHD (SDN) was incorporated with one aim to lend support in networking to all the industries throughout Malaysia. For the past ten consecutive years of economic growth, almost all the industries were experiencing the pressure of labour shortage and difficulties in maintaining qualified & skillful workers.

SIMEDATA NETWORK SDN BHD commenced operations in September, 1996. Before Simedata Network Sdn Bhd., it was a partnership named Perniagaan Sime Tech with three years of experience in cabling services and network solutions. When the demands for global communication increase, the management of  Perniagaan Sime Tech made the decision to enhance its services in order to satisfy the specific requirements by the customer for variety of applications -- SIMEDATA NETWORK SDN BHD was then incorporated.

SIMEDATA NETWORK SDN BHD can also assure its customers that we always provide high quality products with the most reasonable price. SIMEDATA NETWORK SDN BHD also specialises in designing fabrication and installing LAN cables.


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